Images through remote connection

Hey @igor just trying out the new remote connection option with my OH system… Looks to be working well for most widgets however my cameras are not working…
The cameras do still work in the Legacy app when using the remote connection so technically I guess it should also work in the new Beta12…?

Would be great to have the “switching to remote” little notification like in the Legacy version too :grinning:

Sounds like a bug, will check.

Yes, planned

Did some checking on this. Most likely the cameras are local to your network. In legacy, everything was based on sitemap config, so images were going through OH proxy, while items just provide direct URL (which is local).
The only workaround I can think of is to use cameras in a sitemap and copy proxy URLs (e.g. /proxy?sitemap=...&widgetId=...) from that sitemap and use it as item values.
Not a great way of course, but not much else can be done unless OH would create a standalone proxy service.

Thanks @igor I will try some things out…

We got any options for a different URL when remote vs local? How about different refresh times?

Maybe I should just create a separate dashboard for when I want to access things remotely :smiley:

In your setup, do you have remote access to cameras directly? Seems like proxying through OH would be more secure, but it depends on your setup of course.

That’s interesting.

Yeah I could probably setup remote access to cameras but through the OH proxy would be the most logical way :smile:

In terms of the refresh rates I was thinking something like 1 second for my local tablet but maybe 15 seconds if I’m accessing remotely from my phone.

I’m using this for Grafana: Should work for a webcam too and works great :slight_smile: