Image format error

Hi, I installed HomeHabit on my pixel phone and use it to control my Domoticz automation. All is working fine and i was wondering how to get a single picture (JPG) on a 1x1 tile on the dashboard, so I used the Image Integration and pick a jpg from my phone and try to put that in to a tile but then I get a Image format error. Is this the way to do it or am I using the wrong item. thx.

Found an explanation : you need to use tracker to show photo. Tried that with several photos and sizes, still not working.

Yes, there is a bug in the app that local images not working in some widgets, like camera. If you have an opportunity to use an external image that can be linked by a URL (through the same Image integration), then that should work.

I think this is not a bug but security issue. If I use a picture on a secure site (password needed) I get the same error and as security on android is getting more strict that might be the problem. You might need to ask access to phone storage for the home habit app to solve the problem.