Hubitat virtual device

Hello I’m new at home habit, I did the integration with hubitat and it’s awesome!!!

Unfortunately there are some virtual device that do not show up un home habit and some other show but with the commands incomplete

I have a Samsung TV fully functional in hubitat, but in home habit have only un off and volume control
I have a LG Tv fully functional on hubitat but didn’t show up on home habit

Is there anything I missed?

Thanks for your help

@Enrique_Cabrera Welcome to the community. Very happy to hear that you like the app!

For device that doesn’t show in HomeHabit, can you check if those are turned on in Maker API app settings?

Otherwise, can you provide some info for each of those devices: device type (in Hubitat) and attributes (best would be a screenshot of each device edit page in Hubitat UI).

This is for Android app, correct?

Hello @igor, thanks for the reply. Yes they are

These are the screenshot of the devices