Hubitat issues

After i successfully connected Hubitat with Homehabit using the maker api url I do not see any of the devices listed to bind. I have several bulbs and a switch on Hubitat that is not pulling over.

Any ideas?

@mash2k31 Welcome to the community!

Did you selected all devices that you want to be exposed to Maker API in “Allow Endpoint to Control These Devices” section in Maker app configuration?



Do you see any devices when trying to add widget in “Select item” screen? If you can also post screenshot of that.

Resolved it by removing maker API and recreating it

Thanks for the help

That’s great. Thanks for the update.
Let me know if you have any other issues or feedback in the future.

I know hubitat is on beta but just wanted to know once hubitat is connected do you see the lists of bulbs or just their groups?

Right now i only see groups and scenes but no individual light bulbs listed

Individual light bulbs should work. Are those z-wave lightbulbs or something else?

They use zigbee GE link bulb

Let me check on it

@mash2k31 Two questions:

  • Is this the bulb you have? just plain white and dimmable?
  • Is it connected directly to Hubitat or through GE link hub?

It’s dimmable and connected directly to hubitat

It’s weird if I add the bulb to a group in hubitat just a single bulb it will show up in HH and I can dim it and turn it on and off

@mash2k31 unfortunately, didn’t get any success in reproducing this bug yet.
Would you be able to call Maker API response for both light and group with light, so I can try with those device configs.

You should be able to get Device ID from URL when editing device in Hubitat UI.

URL similar to:[Device ID]?access_token=[ACCESS TOKEN]

Example response:

  "id": "9",
  "name": "Virtual Switch",
  "label": "Virtual Switch",
  "attributes": [
      "name": "switch",
      "currentValue": "off",
      "dataType": "ENUM",
      "values": [
  "capabilities": [
      "attributes": [
          "name": "switch",
          "dataType": null
  "commands": [

Okay thanks igor

@mash2k31 would you be able to provide Maker API responses that I mentioned in the post above? It should hopefully help to figure out the issue.