How would I bind to a sensors attribute?

How would I bind to a sensors attribute? Release notes says its possible but not how.

If I understood the question correctly - when creating a widget, in the item list, it should list all available attributes for items (multiple rows, if more than one).

Im using the tautulli sensor in home assistant which has the state, as well as a number of attributes; stream_count, total_bandwidth etc. When adding this sensor to the app it doesnt give an option for those attributes. only the state. Hope that makes sense.

I totally agree I also understand it into his way. Bit selecting attributes from e.g. sensor doesn’t show up in widget configuration

Got it. The issue here is that large number of components in HA have no standardized attributes, so some attributes are supported yet for those components.
Would you be able to provide a list of attributes that you have for tautulli sensor from dev section?

Oh I see. That explains it. How would this look in the configuration editor? Is there a way to do this manually via the editor rather than the UI? Or could you implement a way that the user could enter a cutom attribute name in the UI to cater for these types of components?

Here are the attributes;

“Top Movie”: “”,
“Top TV Show”: “”,
“Top User”: “”,
“stream_count”: “0”,
“total_bandwidth”: 0,
“stream_count_transcode”: 0,
“wan_bandwidth”: 0,
“stream_count_direct_play”: 0,
“lan_bandwidth”: 0,
“stream_count_direct_stream”: 0

Ok, thanks for the info! Let me sit on this for a bit and try to figure what is the best way this can be supported.

Sounds good. Another idea would be to show the attribute data when a user taps one of the tiles. Could be a great addition.