How to unhide dashboard title?

Help… In the latest beta I hide the dashboard menu bar and now I don’t know how to get back to any of the settings…:laughing:

Okay managed to swipe right and one of my pages still didn’t have widgets so let me get into the config area… But might have been stuck if all pages had a widget…?

@TommySharp I’m not sure I get the issue correctly. Dashboard edit button is the navigation menu, that shows on a swipe from the left edge. Does that not work?

Hmmmm might be that my OnePlus 8T has a swipe in from the left being reserved for “back” in Android… So it exits the app…

Oh, that makes sense.

It looks like the first swipe should generally open the navigation menu, but subsequent swipes would exit the app. Android gives limited control over that gesture in Android 10+, so there is no much apps can do to improve this.

Google also recommends doing peek and swipe as an alternative