How to trigger an automation

I am new to both HA and Homehabit, so some patience please…
I am attempting to integrate my coulisse roller blinds using their Motion CM-20 controller hub into HA and using HomeHabit as the UI.

Since there is no explicit integration, I am using a IFTTT webhook to trigger the blind motion that I want. I’ve gotten a HA automation to work, at least a simple one by executing it from the HA configuration panel.
Here’s my issue:
How can I create a widget in Homehabit to trigger the HA automation that I’ve created? I can create an “Action” widget but that just toggles the state of the automation and does not execute it. I’m sure I’m missing something simple…so some help would be appreciated. Ultimately I want to create a slider icon so that I can set the position of the blind by passing a position parameter to IFTTT.
many thanks ,

@rugene In this case, since you are manually triggering an action, I believe HA script component is more suitable to achieve that. When using script, you would be able to bind it to an action or switch in HomeHabit UI.
To actually have a position slider, there would need to be an input_number component defined in HA, which is bindable to Dimmer widget. Then, if that input_number state is somehow linked to IFTTT, it could work.

thanks for the suggestion - a script in place of an automation does solve the execution problem.
Getting a slider to work that passes a variable from Homehabit to HA is another matter. I like your thought process but I’m not sure how to present a fake dimmable light to HA for it to then create the relevant slider widget. I’ll need to keep researching.
In general it would be nice, in HA, to create device types that use IFTTT webhooks on the backend and present as whatever object is needed to get the desired functionality from the UI.

I was thinking it would be possible to create input_number component in HA, use that in HomeHabit UI. Then create automation in HA that send events to IFTTT on each change of the created input_number component.