How to make a multiple selection button?

Hey all,
i’m new in the forum because i need some help, or maybe its an requirement?
I need a solution to make a multiple selection button.
Server is Openhab based and i have many devices to control - such as a Denon AVR and Enigma2 based VU+ and also i want to Control Spotify.

I can make 8 Action Buttons to select every Source of the AVR, but better would it be to make a Button for Source and than get a selection of available input sources.

Also i can make 20 Action Buttons of my Favorite TV Channelks for Enigma2 Receiver, but it would be better to make one Button and than get a popup with selection

For Spotify i use the Media Widget, Title Artist and Cover looks good - but i want to select the player where Spotify play the Music (Spotify Connect Devices)

The Items / Strings / Switches etc. are all available in Openhab.

Would be great if somebody could help or if it would be possible to implement with future releases.

@cyberdev Welcome to the community!

Can you give some examples of source items configs in OH that you want to control in each of those cases? Are those string items and need to set it to specific state?

Hi @igor
its different - for AVR i use the Denon Binding. Denon Source:

Switch DENON_Main_InputBluray “chromecast” [ “Switchable” ] {denon=“avr3000#SIBD”}
Switch DENON_Main_InputSATCBL “kabel” [ “Switchable” ] {denon=“avr3000#SISAT/CBL”}
Switch DENON_Main_InputMplay “android” [ “Switchable” ] {denon=“avr3000#SIMPLAY”}
Switch DENON_Main_InputGAME “server” [ “Switchable” ] {denon=“avr3000#SIGAME”}
Switch DENON_Main_InputCD “horizon” [ “Switchable” ] {denon=“avr3000#SICD”}

For TV Channels:
Switch rtl “rtl” [ “Switchable” ] { http=">[ON:POST:URL_to_Channel] " }
Switch sat1 “sat1” [ “Switchable” ] { http=">[ON:POST:URL_to_Channel] " }
Switch SkyHits “Sky Hits” [ “Switchable” ] { http=">[ON:POST:URL_to_Channel] " }
Switch DeluxeMusic “Deluxe Music” [ “Switchable” ] { http=">[ON:POST:URL_to_Channel] " }

For Spotify i use string:
String spotifyDevices “Active device [%s]” {channel=“spotify:player:user1:devices”}

For Spotify case, it is possible to use Scene widget. It allows specifying multiple options, which would be desired item values in this case, and selecting one at a time.

For the other two cases, it is not possible to do that out of the box. I would recommend creating a proxy String item in OH, that takes value and have a rule that toggles respective switches. Then Scene widget can be used in the same way as Spotify.

I think multi-switch button could be an improvement, so I will add it as a feature request.

Hi @igorThank you for your quick response and your help.
Will try it later with scenes

Scene selection for Spotify works fine - thanks again
For TV Channels and Input selection i dont want to create extra strings as a workaround.
I have createt Action buttons for every option now.

Only side effect:
With 10x8 and all the items the Dashboard is a little bit slow now and edit the dashboard is a little bit buggy

Can you give some details on the buggy part?

So far it works, only a little bit slow sometimes and if you want to edit the dashbord (add, resize items, etc.) sometimes i need to restart the app.

Device Galaxy Tab S (SM-T805) with Lineage 7.1.2
6 Screens

I think 10x8 is to much - Thats also why i want to make TV Stations or AVR input as Switch with Multiple selection.

I was able to make AVR input source also as a scene switch - only TV Channels is not possible.
Maybe with future release it would be possible if there is a improvement for that

what kind of widgets do you have on other screens? any more heavy ones, like cameras, maps, web widgets?

Screen 1
Mostly Openhab Items like TV Channels as Actions, light switch Enigma Channel information
Small Mediaplayer widget with Spotify

Screen 2
Openhab Elements for Internetradio in Kitchen, Bigger Mediaplay Widget with Spotify

Screen 3
Traffic Map / Weather Map and some linked Apps from Android

Screen 4
WebMail Interface from my local mail server

Screen 5
Denon WebGui and WebGUI from Enigma Receiver

Screen 6 is empty at the moment

Thanks for the detailed info!
Most likely screens 4/5 are the heaviest ones. Depending on device performance/age, web frames can be quite heavy.
Currently, all pages are active, even when not visible, for quick switch/swipe between screens. This is the area that might use some optimization in the future, but it has been low on priority.

I remember if i was 8X6 and also 10x6 was not so buggy
Using the dashboard ist mostly no problem - after some hours if i unlock the Screen (Unlock by camera motion detection) it needs 5 seconds to show the items.
Most buggy / lagging is if i want to edit the dashboard.

wow, definitely not what’s expected. Should be improved.