How to debug immediate crash

I’ve been fiddling with HH on lineage os. Was going well for 24 hours. However it’s now immediately crashing as soon as I launch the app. Restarting tablet hasn’t helped. Not sure what I changed towards the end.
Is there anyway to debug this, given it isn’t running so can’t send debug logs or go into editor and debug through that.

If not I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall I guess.

Does it crash repeatedly?
After few consecutive crashes the app should enter “safe mode” that would allow to upload debug logs.

Just launched 10 times in a row, and each time a fraction of a second of dark screen then gone and I’m back to android launcher.

Interesting. I never personally tested it on Lineage OS (although I think some users run it), so maybe there is some difference there.
Not sure if there is anything else but to reinstall it at this point.

OK thanks. Will do