How to Add P1 Smart Meter Widget of Domoticz?

It’s not clear to me how I add useful widgets for the P1 Smart Meter, currently seen as two devices (Electricity and Gas) in Domoticz. The Electricity device logs six values, while the Gas device logs one (presumably the total m3 of gas metered since installation. In the Domoticz dashboard, the widgets show the total electricity consumed/generated (via solar panels) and the total gas consumed during each day.

Is it possible to construct similar widgets in HomeHabit? Thanks.

Any comment, @igor? Thanks.

@gcoupe This is currently in development, should be added within couple weeks. I will update when it is available on beta channel as well.

@gcoupe It is possible now to bind P1 Smart Meter values separately in the latest Beta 17 build (available on beta channel) and it will be in the release in a few days.