HomeHabit keeps crashing


I’m using HomeHabit with Vera and Domoticz for few months now. But since last update (I think it was about 1-2 weeks ago), HH is not working at all. It crashes about 30 seconds after start.
It seems that app can read data from Vera/Domoticz, it can also change state of devices etc. But after several seconds it just crashes without any message.
How can I debbug/fix that?
For now HH is totally useless for me :frowning:

Best, Marcin

@thorazine what is the app version you have (in Support screen)?
Can you try disabling each platform in Platforms screen and see if that stops crashing? (restart the app after disabling, just to make sure)
Also, can you upload debug logs from Support screen? Please let me know after uploading.

@thorazine just checking if you’re still experiencing the app crashes, and if you had a chance to try things above?

@igor thanks for help.
I will look at this today evening.
Should I backup (how?) current config before I disable each of platforms?

Backing up when disabling/enabling platforms is not necessary, since all platform data will be restored from the hubs after re-enable. If you still want to do it just in case, import/export in Settings is the best way to backup the configuration.

it is 3.0 (4855).
I’ve uploaded logs to support. Today it seems that app is working fine, but the truth is that since last week (when it crashed constantly) I didn’t used it. Today I’ve also installed some Android updates.
So hopefully in logs I’ve uploaded you will see also data from last week crushes.

@thorazine is the app still crashing for you?
It doesn’t seem that those crashes are getting reported, so I’m thinking it might have been crashing because device was low on memory. Depending on configuration and device, the app can be quite heavy on the memory.

@igor this tab (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019) was purchased only to run this app so I’m pretty sure there are no memory issues.
It keeps crashing. After another crash this morning I restarted android run HA app - it closed after a few seconds. But you should know that there is no window with error code etc. The application just quits.
I’ve uploaded logs, maybe this time they will be be more useful.