HomeHabit iOS Preview: First release

HomeHabit iOS Preview is now available at https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0

Functionality available in the first release:

  • Support for iPad and iPhone devices
  • Next generation dashboards with up to 3 pages
  • New integration and widget setup flow
  • Standard widgets:
    • Clock
    • Countdown
    • Label
    • QR code
    • Web
  • Home Assistant integration with the following widgets:
    • Button (button and input_button entities)
    • Camera (snapshot only, no live streaming yet)
    • Countdown (input_datetime)
    • History (air_quality, input_number and number)
    • Number (input_number and number)
    • Selector (input_select and select)
    • Sensor (binary_sensor)
    • Sun
    • Switch (input_boolean, light, script and switch)
    • Text (input_text)
    • Weather Forecast (weather)
  • Special iOS Beta license without feature limitations

More things coming in the next preview release. Please send your feedback!

Hey @igor exciting stuff!
How do you want us to give feedback or report bugs?
For example, I can’t seem to tap/hold and drag to move widgets around?

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Yeah, commenting on the release threads works best.
Widget drag and drop not ready yet. The only way to move widgets right now, is to resize it around.

@TommySharp Just saw your TestFlight feedback - about Web widget, does the URL specified in widget configuration no loading and widget stays blank? If you use publicly-accessible URL, can you share it?

@TommySharp Web widget issue will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting it.

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