HomeHabit iOS Preview 0.8

HomeHabit iOS Preview 0.8 is now available through TestFlight at https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0

Release Notes

• Feature: Sun widget (standard)
• Feature: Compact widget layouts (1x1, 1x2, 2x1) for switch-like widgets
• Feature: Option to disable SSL validation for each integration. This isn’t secure, but might resolve issues when using a self-signed certificate.
• Improvement: New default theme
• Improvement: Display current widget type when editing in Widget Editor

Home Assistant

• Feature: Slider widget (input_number and number)


• Feature: Dimmer widget


• Feature: Dimmer widget
• Feature: Number widget - multi-attribute devices (temperature, humidity, etc.)
• Feature: Support for alternative authentication methods: OAuth, Basic Auth, or None (trusted network)


Please report any issues or feedback in this thread. Thank you!

Thanks Igor,
first feedback according the sun widget. Nice, but would love to have a setting for 24h time.

@hmerk Can you check if the clock widget shows 24h time? Assuming that should be the default for your device locale.

Thanks for the quick response, clock widget does not show 24h time. Did not use it before.

Seems like an issue with applying locale-based default time format - will look into this.

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