HomeHabit iOS Beta is here!

HomeHabit iOS Beta is here!

Limited features

This is an early beta release, so it has limited features:

  • Configuration can be done only using Remote Admin or import/export
    • To authenticate for some platforms after config is applied, such as Home Assistant, platform can be edited in UI
  • Some widgets are not available yet, such as Camera, Donut, Custom widgets
  • HomeHabit Labs features might not work fully
  • Only iPad is supported right now

While the app is beta it will have all Premium features available by default. After the beta is complete, it will use similar pricing as the Android version.

Future updates

The current plan is to release updates as they come until there is a parity with the Android version.
Rough list of the upcoming updates:

  • Complete remaining widgets
  • Add missing features for dashboard (backdrop) and screensaver
  • UI editor for integrations, screensavers and themes
  • iPhone support

How to get it?

Beta version is distributed through TestFlight.
You can join the beta using this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/KbpFHzx0
After that HomeHabit can be installed through TestFlight app on your device.

At the beginning the number of beta users is limited to 50. That will increase as builds get more stable.


Please give it a try and report any problems either in this thread or directly through TestFlight feedback functionality.

Thank you!

The link is only for ipad ! not for iphone.
it’s possible to iphone ?

Only iPad is supported in this early beta.
iPhone support will be added in the later beta versions.


Beta users limit has been increased to 100.

Nice work @igor… Is there a minimum iOS version before I try this on an old ipad?

@TommySharp iOS 15 is the minimum version. If you have iPad Air 2 (2014) or newer - it should support iOS 15.

Haha, damn… I’m running iOS 9 so no chance :laughing:
Will hopefully find some other use for these old kids ipads.

Yeah, Apple is great at supporting current OS on older devices (like 7 year old iPad right now), but they don’t do much backwards compatibility from developer perspective. So supporting something like iOS 9 would be like writing a second app :expressionless:

New iOS beta build available:

  • Fix for the app freezing when using OpenHAB integration
  • Added all new integrations from HomeHabit 22.0 release
  • Other small bug fixes
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Great improvement, only thing missing atm is hiding the menu on the left. Any idea when this will be added ?

@hmerk That might be coming soon. There is a technical challenge with its implementation on iOS, so can’t be more precise at the moment.

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