HomeHabit & Homey

I’ve over the last 24 hours been trying to set up HomeHabit with Homey.

I use a MQTT Broker running on linux mint, and MQTT HUB and Client running on Homey.

Using an MQTT Explorer, I can see that all the devices are broadcasting nicely, and everything seems to be working in terms of broadcasts.

In HomeHabit integrations, I have added the MQTT broker, and it’s connected successfully.

However, and here lies the crux of my issues, I cannot seem to find a single device to add to my dashboard. Does anyone have any experience with homey in combination with HomeHabit?
I saw a guy post on the Homey board, that HomeHabit works nicely with Homey. What is it that I’m not getting here?

@Marius_Svensson Welcome to the community!

In MQTT integration config, did you setup item configurations to the specific device topics you want use on a dashboard?
MQTT does require a bit of manual setup before devices can be added to a dashboard.

Do you imply that without such topics, no devices will be discoverable?

Yes, there is no discovery with MQTT, since HomeHabit is not aware of what topics/payloads Homey MQTT is using.

Do you know if there is any documentation for Homey MQTT?
(couldn’t find it with a quick search just now)

After your suggestion, I was able to find something. Do you know of any guides to help me configure my preferred items? Is it safe to assume that these need to correspond with the names set through homey?

There is not much documentation available for Homey MQTT, as those apps are community created.

MQTT topics and payload format is the only thing that should matter. Since you already seeing the data in MQTT Explorer, it should be possible to just use that as a basis for setup.
For example, for a switch device you would need topic where updates are subscribed and published (it might be the same topic depending on Homey). Then for payload, if it is on or off, then it could be used as is, otherwise there is an ability to map it HomeHabit.
If you can give some examples of topics/payloads you see in MQTT Explorer, I can post a more specific steps.

Here is an example of what I can see with the MQTT Explorer.
For this example “Taklampe” is my office ceiling lamp, and in addition an Aqara sensor.

Looking at some community posts around Homey MQTT app, it looks like it includes Home Assistant discovery. While that is not supported by HomeHabit yet, it would be a much easier way to setup integration. Adding Home Assistant discovery for MQTT is planned.
Also, direct integration with Homey is being evaluated, pending the new Homey hub release in US, later this year.

This looks like a discovery payload. Let me check if this matches the Home Assistant discovery, then I could better understand the expected message payloads.

I see. This is encouraging. Obviously I am going to continue my “struggle session”, so any further examples or information would be greatly appreciated.

I found this, I don’t know if it helps.

Yes, this helps. Thanks for sharing.
Could you also take a couple of screenshots of expanded homie and homey nodes?

EDIT - removed this screenshot for security, since there was a partial hostname visible [@igor]

Thanks! This gives me a better idea on what Homey MQTT supports, since I don’t have a Homey hub in testing right now. I will look into this more, and post updates.

Cool, thanks.

So far I’ve tried just about everything. Subscribed to category topics, and even the specific device I wanted to try, to no avail. Both JSON and RAW. I however have no idea what to do with publish so I’ve just entered the same topic as in subscriptions.

Guess you could say I’m feeling pretty lost at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

I am quite familiar with the MQTT implementation on Homey and the homie specification and topic structure. I also have a Homey.


I am the author of the MQTT app on Hubitat and within that I do use the homie specification. It is possible to implement the HomeAssistant Discovery specification too as essentially that can leverage the existing homie topics to provide the status and control topics. I have implemented this in my Hubitat app too as well as very limited discovery from homie topics on MQTT directly.

I do not use HomeHabit currently and I mainly use iOS but I will take a peek on Android and see what works with Hubitat and Homey.

If I can help at all please just shout.