HomeHabit freezing after some times


I’m keeping HomeHabit running, and it happened twice in the last few days where HomeHabit is not responding anymore after waking up the screen.
The screen is black, with only the cogwheel in the bottom left visible. Clicking on it is not doing anything, but I can still drag the left menu to open it. Clicking on any item in the menu does nothing, but the click animation (menu highligth) does work. I can force close the app and restart, then it works again.

I uploaded a debug report 30 minutes ago just after restarting the app.

Let me know if you need anything else.

HomeHabit: Latest beta 1.3
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Custom Rom: Lineage 14.1 (Android Version 7.1.2)

This is very illusive bug. Few users reported over time and I’ve seen it just once myself.
Thanks for uploading the logs, will check on it again.

Yes, this king of issue are usually a nightmare to track.

I’m probably going to schedule regular restart of the app with tasker.
Not sure if this is related to how long the app has been running, but if this is the case, that would solve my problem :slight_smile:

I’m constantly confronted with this problem, it’s never happened before, it started around the time of the release. It happens like this, the tablet is constantly on for a day, going home in the evening, I turn off the tablet with a button (maybe someday, it will be possible to control the shutdown via remote system commands). Tomorrow I come and turn on the tablet with the button and see the picture, as mentioned above.


@Olymp which Android OS is it?


Tested this on my personal devices:

  • first night: only one device had this issue
  • second night: none of the devices had the issue

Definitely annoying when it happens :expressionless:
Will see if this can be reproduced in more controlled environment.

I added a routine to kill and start again homehabit every 6 hours with tasker, so I don’t see the problem anymore. Hard to conclude anything from this, but it could be related to how long the app is running.

This is kind of solving the problem for me :slight_smile:

I also had this problem few times.
In my case, the app stops working and an Android system pop up message says “HomeHabit stop working. Do you want to kill it or wait?”
I am on Android 9.
This could be a memory leak…

@hooh1967h the issue you described is different from the one in this topic, where the app is fully responsive, just the screen is empty and missing the content.

In your case, do you remember what were you doing at the time that happened?

Hi @igor
I normally leave the tablet with the application always on with the HomeHabit application as the home screen.
And sometimes (especially in the mornings) I find this situation and this message. So, to answer to your question, no one was using the interface when that happened.
I am not sure if this could help but in my installation I have a lot of widgets (6 pages). Also from time to time I suffer from Internet disconnection and reconnection.