HomeHabit 6.0: Domoticz


Domoticz is now a standard integration.

This release also contains a number of improvements for Domoticz integration:

  • Support for protected switches, lights and locks
  • Support for user variables
  • Support for weather conditions
  • Simulating camera live stream with continued snapshot refresh

Notable bug fixes

  • Authentication error when connecting remotely to OpenHAB 3.0
  • Intermittent connection issues with Home Assistant

HomeHabit 6.0
Available starting Jan 30, 2021

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Any explanation why a release to 6.0 without any real major changes - at least none I can see?!

@izeman Each new app release simply gets a whole number version bump. It doesn’t relate to magnitude of changes between releases.


I start to use Habbit Application (6.0 Premium). I hope to imrove my dashboard, but I m blokking. You can see my screen shot in this link. I use domotizc version 2020.2.

link to download my pdf document. https://we.tl/t-AAY78GKIKU



@rbernard majority of the issues in the pdf are currently not possible to fix, until there is an internal change with integrations within the app.
Currently in the app, only one item attribute of the same type is allowed for each item, so when there is multiple attributes like energy counters, only one is shown.
The work is in progress on that internal improvement, but it is complex problem, so it might take few months to complete.

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