HomeHabit 5.0: Themes

Great release to close out the year. Don’t miss the sneak peak at the end.
Happy New Year!


It is exciting to announce the release of theming capability for dashboards. We are starting off with two new standard themes - Black and Dark. Black theme has been a common request for some time now. While the Dark theme is a fresh variation on the original theme.
This is a great foundation for dashboard theming that will allow us to bring more in the future.


Sneak peak

Custom themes

HomeHabit 5.0
Available starting Dec 30, 2020


Dark is looking nice on the 23" tablet!

Black is looking good :+1:
@TommySharp O.o 23"??? How do You use it, wall mounted? Can You share your layout (big icons or just a lot of icons)?

Still trying out different things so it’s still just sitting on my desk… Lots of small icons at the moment…
Take a look in the “Share!” forum for more details :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask a daft question, but what do the themes currently change? I use my own background image (on a Fire HD8) and see no change in what is displayed when changing the theme and hitting save.

The sneak peak image looks very cool though btw.

@thisisdavidbell forgot to clarify that in the announcement - themes only apply when there is no backdrop set. When backdrop image is set it always uses predefined transparent theme at this time.

OK cool.
Thanks for the answer.

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