HomeHabit 4.0: Dashboard editor improvements

New dashboard edit menu

Dashboard editor has a new edit menu that has all available actions to configure each page or whole dashboard.

Auto-return to home page

New option in dashboard configuration to configure auto-return to home page.

Improved delete dialogs

New dialogs for dashboard and page deletion are improved to make the action more deliberate.

HomeHabit 4.0
Available starting Dec 05, 2020


Hi, Great update - the auto return to home was something i been waiting for :smile:

However, i have an issue on my wall tablet, i tried to update it, play store said v4 and “update” so pressed it, it installed, but still stuck on v3

So, i exported config, uninstalled it, then downloaded the latest from the play store, but it still installed as v4, and now i have lost my license (i bought a license for this device)

Also tried to clear the app cache and data, uninstall and reinstall, still getting v3, i also tried on two other android devices, both say 4.0 in the play store, but when I press download, i get v3

i also pressed the upload logs to support button

Can you assist?

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@buzurk Thanks for uploading the logs. License has been transferred. It might take up to 24 hours to apply on the device.
Release rollouts are staggered, so it might take a few days to reach your Play Store. It shouldn’t say 4.0 on the listing though, that maybe a Play Store bug.
Did “What’s New” part in the Play Store also mentioned things from 4.0 release?

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Nice work @igor!

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Thank you :slight_smile: the license came down today and both tablets now updated to 4.0 automatically :slight_smile:

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