HomeHabit 39.0: App widgets

App Widgets

Happy to announce support for App Widgets in this release. This was quite a popular feature request over the years, and it took some time to integrate it into the app.
The new widget allows to use an app widget from any installed application and render it as a HomeHabit widget. Similar to a default Android launcher. Most widgets do require configuration step during the setup (press “configure” button in Widget Editor).
Widgets are also fully resizable. However, since Android apps don’t always support widget layouts in all sizes, you would need see what sizes work best for each specific widget.

The new widget is still experimental due to a large number of variables across Android OS versions, app widget layouts, and this not being a common feature for Android apps to implement (outside of custom launchers). Please report any issues with specific app widgets.

Here is an example of some widgets available on a Samsung tablet:

Other changes

  • feature: Domoticz - support for protected dimmable switch devices
  • fix: When using Remote Admin some updates for existing widgets might not be applied

HomeHabit 39.0
Available starting Oct 28, 2023


Would You be able to add mqtt dimming to the displays runnig Your panel, (or any other ways).
Some of tablets we are running are not equipped with light sensor and to my knowledge it would be good idea to apply this option to the HomeHabit application.
Kindly response.

Is this update coming to Play Store to download or do we get it somewhere else?

Is the new version published yet?

In the PlayStore the last versión is v38.12

@miimaa @Gerok Yes, it is rolling out through the Play Store. It is a gradual roll out, so it will take a couple more days to be available for all users.

39.0.1 patch release is rolling out right now to fix a crash on some devices when the app is being closed.

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