HomeHabit 32.0: More integrations, same price

This release introduces tiers for integrations. Previously Premium Plus-only integrations are now available to Basic and Premium licenses (up to a limit). All for the same price!
Also, Premium multi-device license.

Integration tiers

Integrations are grouped into 3 tiers: Standard, Platform and Direct.


Common integrations that provide base functionality and services, like Image, RSS, iCalendar and Sunset Sunrise.


Integrations with various platforms - usually a software or hardware hub that connects with other devices, like Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Domoticz.


Integrations with devices and services - these are direct integrations without a need for an intermediate platform, like August, Shelly, and OpenWeather.

Integration tier license limits

Tier / License Basic Premium Premium Plus
Standard unlimited unlimited unlimited
Platform 1 unlimited unlimited
Direct 1 3 unlimited

Premium multi-device license

Multi-device license allows using premium features on unlimited number of personal Android devices connected to the same Play Store account. It was previously sold a few times during limited promotional period.

Starting from 32.0 release Premium multi-device license is normally available for $60.

Other changes

iCalendar integration

  • Support for username/password authentication

TP-Link Kasa integration

  • Fix for intermittently loosing state of some devices

Bug fixes

  • Crash when loading some screensaver images with non-standard date format (EXIF)

Thank you

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HomeHabit 32.0
Available starting August 2, 2022

@igor how does the monthly licensing fit into this?

@TommySharp The difference is in a number of connected Direct integrations - monthly subscribers (Premium Plus) can connect to unlimited number of Direct integrations, while Premium can use up to 3.