HomeHabit 22.0: Just integrations

Several new integrations are added in this release. Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions.
Enjoy the release!

Air quality

Awair and Airthings integrations.

Airthings requires few additional steps to enabled API access. You would need to get client credentials in your Airthings dashboard: https://dashboard.airthings.com/integrations/api-integration

Available for Premium Plus


Withings integration. Includes support for all scale, monitor, and sleep devices.

Available for Premium Plus


Weather Station from Netatmo is now supported. Integration with other Netatmo devices is planned as well.

Available for Premium Plus


Couple of integrations to control your Sony Bravia TV and Roku devices.

Available for Premium Plus


Synology integration that allows keeping an eye on metrics from your NAS device.

Available for Premium Plus

Other changes

  • Fix for media source selector from Home Assistant for devices that don’t provide selected source (e.g. Sonos)
  • Improved discovery for local integrations
  • Other small bug fixes

Thank you

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HomeHabit 22.0
Available starting December 12, 2021

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