HomeHabit 13.0: IFTTT Webhooks integration

IFTTT Webhooks integration (Premium Plus)

IFTTT integration provides ability to trigger IFTTT events with just a widget tap.
Webhooks service (previously Maker) needs to be configured on IFTTT side to receive the events.

To configure the integration, HomeHabit would need a webhooks URL provided by IFTTT. The URL can be found in the Settings of the IFTTT Webhooks service: https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks/settings

Premium Plus

IFTTT Webhooks integration is available for Premium Plus users

Screensaver improvements

In this release, screensavers gain ability to show weather information and have configurable slideshow interval.

HomeHabit 13.0
Available starting August 14, 2021

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