Home Assistant numeric sensor not works

On the last release, the numeric sensor like Power Sensor (W) not works. i see only - -. Before the update all works fine.

Which app version do you have?

The problem is on GAUGE widget, power sensor (and i think other sensor) not work. Instead, using auto select, it propose the normal sensor value widget and works. On HA sensors was not changed and works fine.

Another bug is: Sensors like “tensione”, …voltage… not show Unit of Measurement like before (Volts)

I’m using 28.6 (5131)

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I can confirm I have the same problems … :thinking: :cry:

@sagittcyber @Josef_Zvolanek do you remember what was the version before the upgrade? Was it a recent or an older version?

The issue has been identified. Fix should be available shortly.

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The new version (28.7) with the fix is rolling out now.
Thanks for the reporting.

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Thank you, it works after the update! :blush: :+1:

yes, now works!

Great, thanks for confirming.

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