Heres to you guys and a great UI

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Looks good!
Can you post some actual screenshots?

@knaueranthony that looks great! thank you for sharing.

Here is my setup / config for the moment.i use this app for home assistant and my phone. I use hadashboard for my touchscreen

There are some features missing like:

  • Alarm Control Panel
  • Light effects (maybe by longpress on the light but this feature request has already been made)
  • direct stram instead of 10 sec Camera View (HA has now stream Component.)
  • Graphs (temperature and Humidity graphs for example)
  • Background Wallpaper per Dashboard and not globally
  • Maybe MQTT support

Those are just ideas but for the moment Iam very happy and the wife acceptance factor is very good for the moment.


  • When adding new widgets I sometimes have to switch between two apps to get the entitiy_id’s … not really dramatically but a bit annoying.
  • Import function for Dashboards not working (home assistant)

If not… Very nice design.!

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@Thorsten_Frohlich thanks for sharing the screenshots. Great setup!

Do you mean different background for each dashboard page?

You should be able to just search by entity name, knowing id is not necessary, if I understood what you meant correctly

Can you give more details on what is not working? Also, what is the device/OS do you use?

Hi and thanks for your feedback.

  • Yes. I mean each dashboard page another background
  • What I meant with adding new widgets is that even the search field is not there. I have to switch to another app and switch back to homehabit to see this field or the entity_ids. Not really bad but a but crazy to do :slight_smile:
  • I am using Adnroid and exportet my settings to a json file. I installed homehabit on my wifes samsung phone and wanted to import this file but it say error while importing the file … no further infos there.

Antoher Issue:

I use my froont cam stream and background pic of myy camera. I also added a switch which activates a script in hass to turn the cam ti a certain position. unfortunately sometimes the pic of the cam disappears for some seconds and appears after… not that bad but annoying sometimes.

Did you already think about a slide function for color picker for lights or will this be removed and replaces by the longpress function (which i find better) or both… I also would like having thos nice light pickers on the creen directly… now just light effects is missing :slight_smile:

Can you make a screenshot of what you see when search field is not there? That would really help to investigate this bug.

I took a video:

Oh, that’s very helpful. Thanks!
Can you remind me what device/OS is that?

Android Xiaomi note 5 and Samsung … with android.

What is the android version?

As I am actually only creating the dashboards on my Xiaomi note 5 … its Android 8.1

@Thorsten_Frohlich Thanks for info! Let me see what’s going on there.

Very cool! Thanks… I am really very interested in yourapp and following since the beginning. I lost it out of my eyes for a while and when i last checked and found this newest version i was more than excited! >THIS is absolutely the kind of app i was looking for. i try pushing your app the best possible. I think as already written… there should be some more features but basic features are already FIRST CLASS and the design very clean and nice. Unfortunatey i am not a coder programmer … just volunteer and helping to help. Do you have a roadmap for your app? I’d like to share this on hass forum to push this app and maybe there will be some guys who can help you developing this app?

@Thorsten_Frohlich Thank you for the nice words! Very happy that you like the app.
Since the app will have a paid features and not open source, I don’t think it would be fair to ask anyone to help develop the app. Spreading the word (preferably a good one :slight_smile: ) is the most we ask from users who already using the app. Happy users can really make our day!

I think if you continue this way with the app. there will be poeple willing to pay for the app. Certainly me :slight_smile: I hope the price won’t be that high. Which features will be paid? Is there any plan or details?

Currently the plan is to have limited number of dashboard/platforms in the Starter version with all widgets available. Pricing is still being worked out.
When you use the app right now, it will ask you to start free trial when you are over the limit (1 platform / 1 dashboard / 3 pages). These numbers might be tweaked in the future before official release, but should give you an idea.

sounds fair. Thanks for the feedback. What happens to the beta version? Can I use it anyway after official release ?

Beta version will become official version, there would not be a separate app to install. Can’t say for sure on how the official release process will go just yet, since that wasn’t our primary focus, until the app is feature ready.