Having issues with Domoticz and HomeHabit for cameras

Hi everyone.

I’m having some issues to add cameras with Domoticz.

When I add it on HomeHabit, it return “image format error”, but in Domoticz it runs normally. It is a “snapshot” URL from TinyCam.

Has anyone had success with Domoticz and HomeHabit?

@Matheus Do you know if snapshot image is in JPEG format?
Does the snapshot URL need authentication of any kind?

Also, just to make sure it is not device specific, can you tell what is the brand/model and Android version on the device?

@igor, here is the URL: http://IP:port/axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=3&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx

Yesterday I tryed with a D-link cam (DCS-932L).
URL: /image/jpeg.cgi
without auth

I’m using a Amazon Fire 7, and One Plus 6T to test too.

@Matheus does that camera shows snapshot normally in Domoticz UI?
I was trying it just now, and it looks like snapshots intermittently fail to load in Domoticz UI.

Also, what is your Domoticz version?

Hi igor, yes it does, it’s showing normally in Domoticz. the functions to save a snapshot and stream video are working.

I’m running version 4.11367 beta, some days ago I was running the stable release. it is running in Windows for a while.

I’ve the same probem with multiple Camera’s. When I add them, it works but after a while (+/- 10minutes), I receive an Image format error. I’m using the latest Domoticz Stable version. In Domoticz, I don’t have the problem.

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I have the same problem in HH on my old Nexus 7 tablet but it’s working fine in Domoticz and also in HH on my s10+ phone.
Something with Android version? Any solution available?

I can confirm that using the web widget(set to update every 10s) in HH and using the tinycam camera image URL is a working temporary solution…