Google Calendar format

hello, I activated the beta google calendar widget and linked it to my account.

It works perfectly, but it shows me the days of the week in numbers and letters, but not the month. Do you have a solution to correct this?

I am a French user, and therefore with a French date format “dd-mm-yyyy”.

Thank you so much.

@djpostka Calendar widget by design shows only day of the month, and a weekday, which applies to all locales. It is more like an “agenda” view.
Can you tell me more about your use case, so I can understand better why month is specifically important?

Hello @igor

Hello ,

I use 3 calendar widgets, 1 for the birthdays of my loved ones, 1 for the garbage collection, and 1 last for the holidays.

As there are many dates, the poster of the month is important to navigate. For example, my birthday is December 14th, I only see “Tuesday the 14th”, so I don’t know which month.

Thank you.


Would it be possible to add an option to choose the date display mode?

Thank you.

I’m looking through possible options to address this issue. Will update.

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