Full screen alarm panel?

I’d like to have one of the dashboards be the keypad for the manual alarm in home assistant. I’ve done some searching and I didn’t see the answer, is it possible to do this?

@Pickle_Slice to clarify, you would like to have an alarm displayed directly in the dashboard rather than in a popup from security widget?

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Yep, I’m currently using the security pop-up which works great, but I have an old 6" Amazon Fire I’d love to use as a keypad, so I was hoping this would be a possibility.

Got it. This is the first request for this feature, and I think a good one to add to the app. Will update with any progress.

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Wow, glad to have it taken under consideration!

I use home habit on my bedside tablet cause it makes it easy to glance and quickly check the house status, and it’d be great to use it for the keypad as well in the entryway of the house.