Free version Custom Themes not working

I am using the free version 28.11(5144) with a custom theme and domoticz control. I have created the theme and applied it to the dashboard and nothing happens. I notice that if I close and restart the app on android 10 the new theme pops up for 1/4 of a second, then what appears to be the default theme overrides it and stays.

@sundansx Let me check on this.
Can you restart the app again and upload debug logs from the Support screen after the issue happens?

Ok, done. logs are under the user “consoleuno”. This time I did not see the theme flash on then off…but it might still have happened. I did check and the theme should be applying, tho.

Do you have a backdrop applied on that dashboard?
On the last screenshot, it looks like active theme color (green-ish) is still applied. If there is a backdrop, background and borders will be almost transparent, which might look like theme is not applied. Although, I’m not sure why border is barely visible, that might be a bug.

Theme border color issue (when using backdrop) is fixed for the next release.

Igor, thanks for the fast response. Yes I do have a backdrop applied. Thanks for the fix…I will try it out when released.

The border fix is in 28.12 patch release.

just loaded it…works great. Thanks.

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