Fibaro Integration

Hello, just started using today and facing few issues:
I have the app installed on Dahua android VTH

Not able to upgrade

Not able to run scenes from home habit
Not able to add dimmer
Not able to add roller shutters

Am I doing something wrong, I do t see half of the widgets from my HC3?

@mmenalo Some devices are not supported for Fibaro yet.
Roller shutters are not supported right now, but dimmers and scenes should work.
What is the physical device for dimmer? Is it Fibaro dimmer or another brand?
I will double-check on the scenes.

Hello, yes everything is from fibaro, all modules.

Integration with Fibaro is very very poor, any plans to get it sorted out?

Hello, any plans to integrate fiber modules properly? Dimmers, blinds modules, door/window sensors, scenesno support at all. Only light switches are working properly