Export/import configuration

I would love to be able to store the configuration in my Git repository together with the rest of my home automation configuration. This means, the format should be text based, and there should be a way to easily get this into the repository (maybe support SCP or similar). Also, this should facilitate sharing configurations between different tablets.

Maybe this should be merged with Central configurability of dashboards?

This would be useful for setting up new tablets. Maybe the settings can be imported as well?

Absolutely - was coming here to see if someone suggested this already so I could upvote it.

I’d like to be able to at export pages so that I don’t have to do all that work to have some consistency across tablets.

I would love to be able to edit dashboards graphically, and seamlessly store/load them as text files in the Home Assistant configuration directory. I see that several HA platforms are storing their configuration in files, so one possibility would be to make a platform which allows storing and loading from file via an API endpoint. Then, Rotini would use that automatically if the component is loaded.

Is this approach feasible?

@Stian Currently, there is an experimental text-based config for OpenHAB that goes only one way, e.g. editing done in a text file and the app just loads it. It is planned to extend that to HASS as well.
I don’t know if there is a HASS api to store configuration into a file without having a component, this is something that haven’t been investigated yet.

There is an idea for text-based configuration.

I agree with all that this is important, specially with multiple number of devices at your home and for saving the time of re-configuration.
The Export / Import feature in Beta version is fine, but that will store locally. if the central dashboard configuration is not easy to do, I may suggest to have “Gmail” or and cloud storage synchronization options.

I wanted to point out that current export/import file picker supports cloud storage that installed on that device. For example, Google Drive option should be shown in the picker drawer.