Domoticz Set Points

Hi, I’ve just come across this project and it’s fantastic, really impressed!

I can’t work out how to bind Set Points from Domoticz to any dashboard items, is this not implemented yet, is it a bug, or am I missing something?!

Thanks for checking out the app!

Is it a thermostat set point?


Yes, in the Domoticz devices list it’s listed as:
Type: Thermostat
SubType: SetPoint

When I add a Thermostat to the Rotini dashboard, I try to bind an item to “Target temperature”. I get a list of all of the measured temperatures that Domoticz has, I expected to get a list of all of the set points to choose from?

Additionally, the Thermostat display in Rotini does not display any value for the “Current temperature” bound item. If I bind the measured temperature item to a Gauge it displays the temperature correctly.

Yes, these are not supported yet.

Also, current Thermostat widget in the app is not finished, so there are issues with it.
In one of the next release updated widget should improve/fix these issues.

Support for Domoticz SetPoint devices will be part of Beta 11 release.