Domoticz 2022.2 on 38.8.1: basic auth error


I forward my mail from this morning here to follow a better workflow (i assume).
I am facing some issues since today to login to my Domoticz server from your app (in browser it work perfectly).

I have a traefik with basic auth in front of my domoticz server. My password contains uppercase, lowercase some lowdash and some number. Username is in lowercase

I don’t use the domoticz login system because I plugged some ldap to manage authent.

It worked before upgrade (I do not know which version I was using before)

I’d be glad to help you on this point (I can create a temporary user with similar password then expose my server to the web, or try previous app, or logcat some stuff with a debug app).

There are some changes in the app to support security changes in Domoticz 2023.1, so that might have some side-effects.
What is your Domoticz version?

Version: 2022.2
Build Hash: eea9db734
Compile Date: 2022-11-05 13:05:35
dzVents Version: 3.1.8
Python Version: 3.10.7 (main, Sep 8 2022, 14:34:29) [GCC 12.2.0]

Can you also restart the app and upload debug logs from Support screen ?
I just did at 10 minutes ago.

The issue is that some Domoticz APIs don’t need to be authenticated, one of those is used to get Domoticz version, so the app can know how to authenticate. However, since in your case auth is done in front of Domoticz, that does not work.
I will need to test more on various Domoticz versions to find a common acceptable behavior. Will post updates.

Okay, I’ll wait for these updates. Meanwhile, if you need any thing or some further tests, do not hesitate.

The fix is coming in 38.8.2 release. It should work with 2022.2 Domoticz, but not 2023.1 yet.

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Works like a charm. I don’t use OAuth by domoticz for now, so I will not upgrade to latest version for now.

Thanks for that

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