Disconnecting all the time

Hi there,

So I’ve read some people who were having issues with reconnecting of the app all the time.
Is there a workaround for this problem?, or do we have to sit patiently?.

Mentioned a post from Nov '19 were this issue has been reported, but it’s still not fixed :frowning:

There is no workaround for the problem at this time. The main complication with the fix is that the issue only appears on certain combination of device, android version, and HASS setup, so it wasn’t possible to create a reproducible case so far. There were several fixes that could have fixed this, but unfortunately those were unrelated.
We will revisit this bug sometime in the next month for another round of possible fixes :crossed_fingers:

I’m having the same problem on my tablets. Hoping to see a fix soon, as I would like to continue using this great app.