Dimmer with Switch Option

The idea is that the Dimmer function at the moment just has a slider. and so if i wanted to switch it off i would either have to slide to 0, which is fine or have a separate tile for switching on or off.
Can we have a slider/dimmer option where the switch button also exists. There are times that i like a specific brightness to the light but to switch it off and back on and stay in that brightness level. it could look something like this.

Nice. This would be great.

Or it can be done like this:

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daaaaaaang. That’s a great solution!!!

I actually prefer the originals. As a user Id worry how easy it is to differentiate between off and a very small change to brightness.

Would love a solution like this.

I don’t often change the brightness, I just turn the light on and off… So how about the normal on/off but with a long press that brings up a slider?

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Switch + Dimmer/Color layouts have been added to Light widget in 35.0 release.

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