Dimmer Widgets and Groups

Hi Igor,

I just noticed a cosmetic bug today.

I have two devices in a group in HA, I can add this group as a dimmer widget and it works great.

However, when I change the position, say if i move the slider to 50%, the devices correspond correctly
Homehabit shows 50%, then a couple of seconds later, it shows 100%
So irrespective of the actual position, Home Habit always shows 100%

Love Lace / Home Assistant reports the correct group position at 50%

Thank you.

@mikeoz thanks for reporting, will check on it

two devices that are grouped, are those lights?


I’ve got a group of covers (blinds) but I’ve been getting incorrect status reports with light dimmers as well.

Let me know if you want me to do any testing.

I don’t think it will work with work with groups, since HA api does not report position state for group entity, but only on/off state. I might be trying different configuration from yours though, because I’m not able to bind light group to a light widget as dimmer.
If you can provide exact group config in HA, and widget setup screenshot from HH or partial config JSON (if you are using Remote Editor), I might be able to reproduce this better.

You’re right - homehabit wouldn’t allow me to bind a light group to a dimmer widget. But here is my cover config:

HA - Groups:
- cover.velux_window_4
- cover.velux_window_5

The group is then bind to the dimmer widget

Changed the cover to open 10%, cover moves to that position (all is good)
Home habit then shows 0%, then changes to 100% (see video clip below)

Video Clip of HH

HA reports correctly:

Thanks @igor

@mikeoz still can’t reproduce this issue.

I’m still a bit unsure on your config. The config you provided is not valid for groups, is it just an example?

Can you show your config for both individual covers and group cover (how you have it in yaml).
Also, if you can show what attributes group cover has from HA dev tools?

Hi @igor
No, it’s an actual config for group, it’s just an extract from groups.yaml

root@hassio:/config# cat /config/groups.yaml
- cover.velux_window_4
- cover.velux_window_5

State attributes from dev tools:

  • cover.velux_window_4
  • cover.velux_window_5
    order: 2
    friendly_name: back_veluxes

There really isn’t much to it, its just a group of two cover objects.

It does seem like attributes from dev tools don’t show position, so most likely HomeHabit won’t be able to accurately reflect that state from the group entity. Will check more on this.

It’s strange as lovelace is showing the group positions.

What version of HA are you running ?
I’m running:

Home Assistant 0.110.3

Lovelace has a very basic config for the group:

  • entity: group.back_veluxes
    icon: ‘mdi:window-closed’
    name: Back Velux

Lovelace might be just getting values from individual entities and showing it as single item with some reduction logic, which would be a bit hacky in my opinion to put that on the UI to figure out.

If you have a chance to switch to Cover Group component instead?
It looks like those groups provide position value in the API and work from my testing.

I’m running these tests on 106.6. The latest version build is currently broken, so couldn’t test on that yet.


I tried the cover group component.

HA is now reporting positions attributes correctly, however HH is still switching to 100% after the cover has moved to the desired position.
I think there’s definately something going on with HH reading these attributes from HA.


  • platform: group
    name: test_front_velux
    • cover.velux_window_6
    • cover.velux_window_7

If you reopen HH app, does it still show incorrect value 100 when current_position is 20?

Exactly, I even tried closing the app and reopening

At the moment, HA shows:
current_position: 40
friendly_name: test_front_velux
supported_features: 7

HH shows 100, I even tried a reboot of the tablet

ok, thanks for checking. Not sure why it is not working, since I can’t reproduce that with what looks like the same attributes.

Hi Igor,

FYI, I managed to fix the issue by doing the following:

  1. Changed to group component
  2. Installed latest beta
  3. Remove widgets from HH and re-adding

As usual, Thank you for all the help and support :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks for the update.

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