Dimmer Items


since preview 10 there should be support für Dimmer items. But how does it work? There seems to be no fitting control to bind them to…

BR, Jens

Dimmer items are supported in switches only for now (on/off), there is no dimmer-like widget yet.

How long until we will see this same functionality in dimmer form? This one is fairly high on my list. Thanks!

@Aaron_Wakefield Dimmer widget is available in the latest release.

Hi Igor,

I want to dim a group of lights. From what I can tell this is not possible using the dimmer widget. Let me know what I am missing.


@Aaron_Wakefield Which platform are you using?
Also, do you mean you want to have multiple lights controlled from one dimmer or just multiple dimmers available in one widget?

I am on Openhab2 (2.2) and I am trying to dim multiple lights with one dimmer control.



Did you try creating item group in OH itself? I’m not sure if OH allows dimmer groups though, will need to check on that.

I think Aaron would like to control a Group-Item. This is one thing that I have seen today as well. Group-Items are not listed in the selection of a binding. It seems that this is a general issue. In my case I would like to select a group with the switch-widget

Yes, I have a dimmer group of lights that I would like to control together from one widget.


Yes, that’s a bug then.

Switch groups should be listed for Switch widget and it seemed to be working for me. Can you provide config for your switch group item?

Double checked on Group item with switches.
For Group item to be bindable in UI it should be defined with group type, for example like in demo.items:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)        Lights      "All Lights [(%d)]"

Otherwise, UI doesn’t have a reliable way of knowing that it is a switch item.

Can you provide your config for that dimmer group?

The group is two Philips Hue color bulbs in an openhab2 group the group is set to dimmer and is bound to the color channel

Hi, any hints for the json config for dimmers.

@Aaron_Wakefield support for dimmer groups is added for the next release.

@Scharchen text config docs will be updated soon.

Great, since my guessing game is having poor result :slight_smile:

Got it, Icon is not supported, that was my error.

Good guessing game :wink: