Dimmer and Yeelight (Home Assistant)

Hello !
i’m trying to use dimmer and color for my yeelight but it goes very strange. Dimmer is working until i’m using color. If i choose a color, dimming not working anymore. For exemple, i set dimming to 100% and in reallity, lights are set to 30% or I set dimmer to 0% and light didn’t turn off.
That’s a little strange. Any advise on it ?

@stban1983 welcome to the community!

Just to confirm, do dimmer and color picker work correctly when used from HA UI?

Thank-you Igor!
Yes from HA UI color picker and dimmer working well. But if i’m using dimmer and color picker with HomeHabit then use dimmer with HA, it’s not working. Like the bulbs were not calibrated anymore.

Ok, I will test with some other lightbulbs (don’t have yeelights for testing) and see if that shows the same behavior. Will update.

Great thanks :slight_smile:
if you need some test or log, let me know!

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I have done some test yesterday: problem is with color picker. When i set a color/white, dimmer is completly lost. Strange thing is if i set 100% on homehabit, Home Assistant and the Yeelight app show 100% too but the light isn’t at 100% for sure. To correct this, i have to go to the Yeelight app and set a new color, then, tada, the brightness is at 100%

Hope it will help you

I set up a new yeelight bulb. I was surprising because this bulb was working with HomeHabit. Then i update the firmware and the bulb does’nt work well anymore with color picker and dimmer.