Different entities for status and action in the "Action" component

Please add the ability to specify different entities for status and action in the “Action” component. For example, I often use this type of component to run scripts in Home Assistant. The script itself always has the “off” status, but as a result of its work, another device is turned on for a while.

@Wild_Rat Thanks for posting an idea.

Action widget is “stateless” by design, since it behaves like a trigger, and there is no status. Wouldn’t switch and binary sensor widget already cover showing the status of another device? Or you are trying to make Action widget behave more like a switch?

I’m using “Action” as a button to run the script, because you can set the name of the action in it. I just rechecked and did not understand how it is possible in the “switch” to make the script run by clicking on it, while it itself displays the status of another device.

Now it’s like this: Click on the left button, the script starts and in the status on the right you can see the result at the moment. It would be convenient to combine this into one control.

Okay, I get the use case now. Thanks

The only similar thing possible right now is in Shutter widget with trigger mode. This is a workaround at best, and I’m not sure specific entity types will bind to it. Also, it will show open/closed instead of on/off. If this is something you can try for the time being.

Shutter widget prevents me from selecting devices as a sensor.

What is the component type of that device in HA?


ok, it should be a binary sensor-like component. I expected input_boolean to work, but it does not seem like it, so will need to check.