Deleted screensaver reappears

I noticed there is a default screen saver. Not wanting one, my first action was just to delete it. All is well till I restart and then its back and active. I can see now I can set it to never start, but I feel like deleting it should be reasonable too.

I have exactly the same situation with Homehabit installation on the Amazon HD

This is intended behavior at this time, as default screensaver should not be deletable (e.g. at least one screensaver required). There is actually a bug that allows to delete it in UI, while it shouldn’t.

However, requirement to have at least one screensaver was a previous necessity, before screensavers were configurable. So I believe it should be possible to revisit this and remove this limitation.

Thanks for the reply. Not a big issue for me, happy to just set to never. Was just unexpected behaviour.