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I searched in under “ideas” before writing this topic, but couldn’t find similar to this idea.

I am currently using OpenHab2 and HomeAssistant, with both UI’s (habpanel and Home Assistant) there is option to create your own widget. In HabPanel they call it “Template” where you can write your own code and link the items for different action.

I wonder if this would be possible with HomeHabit, since it connects to different platforms which they are using different languages and scripts.

I like this and we played around a bit with in the past, but there wasn’t a good user-friendly way to write your own code that can be rendered properly, given that HomeHabit is a native app.
I encourage anyone who is interested to vote for this idea, so we can put more time for investigation, if it becomes popular.

Hey @igor being able to do something like this would be a pretty awesome feature!
An example is that I have a whole house ventilation system that can be set to get intake air from up to 3 different places being Outside, From the Roof Cavity and also from the Heated Main Living Room… I pretty much just get to set the target temp and the mode of Low/Med/High and then the system will source the air from one or more locations to try and hit the desired temp.

It’s fairly unique so being able to build a custom widget for it would be awesome!

This is a quick mockup… Initially I thought a room widget but possibly even just a widget group?


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@TommySharp @Zubaidi
Custom Widgets will be available from 8.0 release (build 4936 or later) in HomeHabit Labs. It is currently in beta rollout.
More details: [Labs] Custom widgets

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