Continuous crashen

Since a few versions ago, homehabit has been crashing every 2 to 4 hours. A couple of homehabit and home assistant updates further, it keeps happening. The app is unusable in its current state.

I’m using a recently bought Lenovo tablet with updated Android.

Any ideas?

Few questions:

  • what is the Android version?
  • to confirm, the app has been installed through PlayStore?

Jep through playstore. I have about 5 tabs, 2 of which are fullscreen iframe’s.

Thanks for the info. In the iframes, what kind of content is shown? Is there a refresh interval for those?

One shows traffic info, the other shows Grocy inventory.

Both have 1h refresh intervals.

I’ve disabled the refresh intervals, and that has stopped the crashing. So looks like there’s an unhandled exception in there somewhere :frowning:

Crash issue aside, wouldn’t both those pages continuous update their data anyway, so whole page refresh should not be needed?

Generally speaking when there are no connection drops etc, so it’s not too big a deal.

Since a few days (after updates) the continuous crashing returned. Didn’t change the refresh, it’s still off.

@DrPoncho What is the app version on the device?
There weren’t any changes in Web widget for a long time, so most likely those crashes have something to do with low memory on device, since those pages are pretty heavy.

Latest, 1.2 I think.

Alright, that’s too bad, I’ll remove the pages from my dashboard. Thanks