Constantly reconnect to Domoticz 2023.1


have renewed from 2022.2 to 2023.1.
The Domoticz app works, also in the browser everything works.
However, Homehabit no longer gets a connection.
Constantly reconnect and switching is not possible.

As far as I have read, the type of registration has changed on the 2023.01.



it’s a security issue. easy to repair. activate this:

(copying from another Domoticz topic on camera issues)

Additional point on “Allow Basic Authentication over plain HTTP” setting.
Depending on your setup, it might need to be enabled for authentication on any Domoticz API. For example, my Domoticz test instance is behind Nginx reverse-proxy, so even though it is going through HTTPS, when it’s proxied to Domoticz it is always as a local non-HTTPS.

Update - There is a delay in Play Store review process for 38.6 release, so it might take a few more days for it to become available.

38.6 release is finally through the Play Store review and should be rolling out now