Connectivity Status

It will be a nice idea to find the connectivity status in the app.

@Palanivelrajan_Balas Can you expand a bit on what you mean by connectivity status?
If it is platform connection status, it is shown in Platforms screen currently.

Ho. I just noticed it. Do people use more than 1 platform. I use only HA. So instead of showing it in the platforms page, showing in the top of the app will be useful is my opinion. What do u guys think ?

I went out of the yesterday and when I opened the app I had no indication that the app is offline. Thats when I thought having an indication will be useful.

Some users do use more than one, especially with platforms that don’t have as many integrations as HA.

The app will show notification on top of a dashboard if there are any disconnected platforms. However, there are some issues that it might be always properly reported. One bug inside the app that prevented the notification for certain disconnect reasons is fixed for the next release (Beta 19).
Also, it seems like sometimes HA stops sending updates, while connection is still open. That’s a tough one to reproduce so not solution available yet.

Cool. Let me test it in the next update