Configuration menu opening with Tasker trigger

Hi homehabit community,

I have my wall mount units with tasker to manage homehabit.

Tasker will open homehabit in the foreground when triggered by an external motion detector. This has been running great for years.

A few weeks ago, homehabit started opening the left side configuration menu every time the “open home habit” task was run.

What can I do to prevent this? It severely impacts the usability of the wall mount since the menu is always obstructing the screen.


@Roy_L Does nav menu opens immediately or there is some delay? Any chance you can post of video of it?
Also, what is the action configuration in Tasker?

@igor Please pardon the very belated reply. Things got crazy over the holidays! Just getting back into things now.

Here’s a video depicting the nav menu popping up repeatedly (The tasker action is being triggered by an external motion sensor in the room: turn on the screen and launch HomeHabit). The action configuration in tasker is “Launch App -> Home Habit”

EDIT: Found the problem. Was a dumb error on my part!

To unlock the screen on motion detection in the room, I have a separate action buried in tasker which activated “keyevent 82.” Keyevent 82 is the shell command for “menu,” and stupid me, the event was getting picked up by homehabit. I guess it only came up in newer versions after support for menu was added in homehabit.

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