Color/temperature in HASSIO not correct

Please, could You kindly review color/temperature widget. As I noted earlier in one of our discussions, this is not correctly relyed to the items.

I have tried several items, but results are same. The temperature/color widged is not correctly passing values.
here is example of my item from web editor in app:

“properties”: {
“label”: “osram_light”,
“type”: “color”,
“dimmer-style”: “slider”,
“icon”: “light”,
“group”: false,
“group-states”: {},
“state”: {
“binding”: “u8m92ufi68pt1wbf3b817en5h.light.osramlightify_17352853149374951071#light.color”
“colors”: {
"1empkxkx2lkmk1t14p3bsj9eqn": “29,63,60”,
** “1fvb73yzahtp9180uarnyxxmr1”: “30,46,60”,**
** “gl7rl4s7dv5v1e9pjsqralb6z”: “0,0,60”**
“dimmer-step”: 1,
“show-timestamp”: false,
“timestamp”: null

Please, advise on how to define those three bolded values.
The HASSIO takes only last value, (those “60” numbers), which are taken as light intensity, but colors are not passed.

Please, disregard this.
Admin, kindly delete this thread as I now have seen I have opened similar issue way ago.
Haven’t logged long time and forgot, (to be honest).

Thank You in advance