Clock text size is too small

I would love to see a way to make the clock text bigger within the clock widget. There is alot of space around the text that I’m not a big fan of. I just want a bigger clock text within the existing widget size.

What is the grid size (density) for this dashboard and the size of the clock widget?

Glad to see you’re using so many newly released compact widgets already! :slight_smile:

My grid is set as dense as is allowed. I believe the clock is 3x2, the widget filled the whole upper left corner of the picture.

I do love the new compact widgets! I have been hoping for those for awhile. Opens up so many new possibilities for my dashboard.

Grid shows 14x28 right now, I was able to modify that through the remote admin long before it was an option in the user interface. The clock widget is 3x2 if you go by old standard size widgets which I guess would be 6x4 with the new compact widget sizes.

I’m using a 21" android tablet so I have a lot of area to work with on the screen.

Added improvement for the next release to better resize text automatically (a few Clock widget sizes had too much space around it). That should address this issue.

Awesome! Thank you for the quick response.

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