Climate Control icons invoke wrong mode

When I click this “Cool” mode icon my AC actualy goes into “Auto” mode which is not correct…


This is how it looks in home Assistant where it is in the Heat/Cool or 'Auto" mode…


If I switch between the modes in home Assistant then it perfectly shows the state in HomeHabit…

@TommySharp Heat/cool/fan buttons in thermostat widget are individual toggles. Which is different from HA where I believe it is a single-select toggle group.
So each of heat/cool/fan can be turned on/off separately. When both heat and cool are on - it is “auto”, when both are off - is it “off”.

Yeah I guess it can’t be Heat and Cool at the same time hence their approach of a single toggle.
Any suggestions how I could get this working?

Auto is a Heat and Cool at the same time, isn’t it?
To go into cool-only - cool toggle should on, heat toggle should be off - does this not work?
You can also cycle through all modes (auto/heat/cool/off) by tapping on the center area.

Auto is “Auto” in the heat pump and it controls wether to heat/cool… But that’s a specific mode.
Feels a bit clunky still in HomeHabit…
Can you tell I’ve got a new Heat Pump and trying to see what I can do with it LOL?

Maybe. This is still the original thermostat design from years ago, which might need to be revisited anyway to make it more flexible to allow for additional modes too.

Yeah being able to cater for more modes would be ideal…