Changing colors on light groups using a color picker


I would like to change colors on a whole group of lights. This does not seem to work in homeHabit. My Platform is OpenHAB and I’m currently at release 2.5.4.

In the BasicUI, this would look like this:

The code for this in OpenHAB is:

Group:Color:AVG gLight_Livingroom_Color “Livingroom Color”
Color TVLampLivingroomLeft_Color “Livingroom TV Lamp left” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color TVLampLivingroomRight_Color “Livingroom TV Lamp right” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color PlayLivingroomLeft_Color “Livingroom Play Bar left” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color PlayLivingroomRight_Color “Livingroom Play Bar right” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color StripLivingroomCabinetLeft_Color “Livingroom Cabinet Strip left” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCabinetRight_Color “Livingroom Cabinet Light right” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCouch1_Color “Livingroom Couch Light #1” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCouch2_Color “Livingroom Couch Light #2” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCouch3_Color “Livingroom Couch Light #3” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCouch4_Color “Livingroom Couch Light #4” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomCouch5_Color “Livingroom Couch Light #5” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomPiano1_Color “Livingroom Piano Light #1” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomPiano2_Color “Livingroom Piano Light #2” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomPiano3_Color “Livingroom Piano Light #3” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomPiano4_Color “Livingroom Piano Light #4” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomPiano5_Color “Livingroom Piano Light #5” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall1_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #1” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall2_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #2” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall3_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #3” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall4_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #4” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall5_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #5” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall6_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #6” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall7_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #7” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)
Color LightLivingroomWall8_Color “Livingroom Wall Light #8” (gLight_Livingroom_Color)


Text item=Livingroom label=“Livingroom” icon=“light” {
Switch item=gLight_Livingroom_Color label=“Livingroom Lights”
Colorpicker item=gLight_Livingroom_Color label=“Livingroom Light Color”

Is there any way, this can be achieved in homeHabit ?

I know colors can be selected for single bulbs (unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out, how to get a full spectrum color select) and groups of bulbs can be switched and dimmed. But the color group never shows up as an item to bind.


Color groups are not supported. I think those weren’t working in OH at the time integration was done, so support wasn’t added.
Let me check, it should be possible to add it now.

Also, the color group can also be used as dimmer in OpenHAB.

Slider item=gLight_Livingroom_Color label="Livingroom Light Brightness [%.0f]"

Support for color groups has been added for the next release.

It looks like grouping does not work smoothly though.
Group:Color:AVG does work as dimmer, but does not return correct color for the group. It is possible to set a color though.
Group:Color:OR(ON, OFF) works better for colors, but not dimmers.

In any case, when it is released, please try it out and let me know.

Thank you.

The dimmer can be solved by creating a second group:

Group:Color:OR(ON, OFF) gLight_Livingroom_Color “Livingroom Color”
Group:Dimmer:AVG gLight_Livingroom_Brightness “Livingroom Brightness”

The question is now, is there a full spectrum color picker in homeHabit ? I haven’t found it. Only the option to predefine a few colors.


Even with the latest update, it is still not possible to choose a color group in homeHabit.

The good news, at least for me, is that OpenHAB 2.5.5 now fully supports the room and zone groups of the Hue Hub, so I don’t have to create manual groups for those lights anymore.

That still doesn’t help me with other types of lights though.


The fix hasn’t been released yet. It is currently scheduled for the next major release.
Let me see if it can be pulled-in into one of the earlier patch releases.

Much appreciated.

The fix will be rolled out in the next patch release.

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