Central configurability of dashboards

As discussed in Rotini text sitemap files management , central configurabitlity of the user interface is important for some members of the user community.

Creating this idea here so this discussion does not get buried in the forum postings.

Renamed title with dashboard, so it is less confusing for non-OpenHAB users

I dont want to speak for all members here (sorry that i do ;-)), but i think everybody who takes home automation just a littlebit serious has more than one control device… So i really cant imagine that central configuration is no point for at least 50% of the users here.

What i can imagine is, that this feature doesnt get too much attention in the current alpha state (most users are testing widgets or stuff at the moment).

For me (Rotini Legacy user): I need to switch back to HabPanel, which gave me the opportunity to design and write my Panels at the Computer and share it to all my devices. At least if no central configuration is possible in Rotini. I am very excited with the Widgets Rotini offers and would REALLY LOVE to bring them in action!

I will never drive the Ferrari if i have to put in a 50 Number PIN code every single time i want to start it. I would always drive the keyless entry and keyless start equipped Renault Megane. Just to say it in pictures :wink:

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Agreed, centralised design, storage and management of the dashboards if very important.

100% agree! My tablets are permanently mounted to the walls and I can’t easily take them down to sit in the sofa and spend hours in configuring them. Even if I could take them down I for sure wouldn’t want to spend hours dragging and dropping widgets. I have 112 widgets in old Rotini on my livingroom tablet alone. For me it’s a showstopper to not have central configuration possibility…

That’s a lot of widgets :slight_smile:
Just want to note that central configuration does not necessarily means text-based configuration (which seems like something you implied). There is another idea that related to text-based config: Export/import configuration.

Text-based configuration is available for OpenHAB in Preview 15.